Office in Miami offers the widest selection of high-quality Miami Commercial Real Estate available. Regardless of the size or needs of your company, you’re guaranteed to find the best office space for maximizing the success of your venue. Our featured property on 878 S Dixie Hwy offers many benefits for your business.

Built in 1962, this classic building has an appealing traditional look that can be very welcoming to new and returning clients alike. The structure been fully-upgraded and renovated, and is ready for service. The property is quite sizable, with 12,005 square feet and ample space for accommodating almost any operation or venue.

In many businesses, location and accessibility is vital, the 878 S. Dixie Hwy is highly effective in this aspect. Its seminal location puts it along on of the city’s main arteries, South Dixie Highway, which receives a lot of passing traffic. You’re guaranteed a lot of visibility to the tens of thousands of vehicles that pass by every day.

Furthermore, the property lies between the vibrant areas Coconut Grove, Merrick Park, South Miami, and Pinecrest, all of which are major communities. To maximize the benefit of this ideal location, signage is available on both South Dixie Highway and US-1, which will make the most of your already high visibility.

In addition to this highly desirable property, there is also an excellent commercial space on 250 Bird Road, located in beautiful Coral Gables. This class “B” building was built in 1962, thus reflecting an exquisite classical design. It’s been fully-updated and renovated to accommodate modern business needs, offering ample parking space, connectivity, and workspace – around 28,909 square feet of it! Furthermore, Bird Road is a major road in Miami, which will provide a lot of visibility to potential clients.

To learn more about these and our many other excellent commercial properties, contact Office in Miami at 305-571-9991.